Abatement job for Kadima Inc.

As luck would have it an asbestos abatement job involving one of our 30 yard dumpsters is happening just outside my neighborhood.  It is a sure sign of a pending demolition project when the windows are all sealed up and a dumpster arrives in the driveway.  This abatement and demolition is the beginning of a new DR Horton subdivision on Cogburn Rd, Alpharetta.  Kadima, Inc. is a new customer and we are glad to have them.

Notice that the dumpster is lined with plastic.  The abatement workers will load the dumpster with sealed 6 mil poly bags which contain the asbestos containing material.  Once the dumpster is full they fold the poly lining the dumpster over the contents, tape it shut, and you now have a double lined cocoon to hold in asbestos fibers on the way to the landfill.

Kadima abatement job with Atlas Disposal dumpster

Kadima abatement job with Atlas Disposal 30 yard dumpster