Spring clean the right way with Atlas Disposal!


Come Spring clean the right way & order a dumpster to help with your cleaning needs!

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Now’s the time to de-clutter that attic, basement, shed or spare room that needs cleaning!

And with warmer weather rolling in, lawns are also needing a little TLC from homeowners.


So save yourself the hassle and come dump your household junk or lawn debris in one of our handy dumpsters.

Let Atlas Disposal haul it out of there for you!

If you need to dispose of tree limbs, shrubs, old household clutter

or perhaps some random debris that you’ve left sitting in your garage,

Do yourself a favor and call Atlas (678) 762-1088

Let one of our friendly drivers deliver a dumpster to eliminate that waste FOR GOOD!

Our dumpsters will suitably fit well within one of your driveway’s parking spaces.

Got something heavy to dispose of?

Each one of our dumpsters has a swinging door at the end of it so you can comfortably walk larger items into the dumpster for your safety. No need to lift items over your head!

Best of all, we’re giving $25 off so you can save a little this Spring.

Who doesn’t love a deal?

Come give us a call (678) 762-1088

or place an order on our website if you would like to clear out some old junk this Spring!

Use Offer Code: Spring25