The following explains the terms and conditions on which Atlas Disposal supplies any of the products and services listed on this website for you. Please read these terms and conditions carefully and make sure that you understand them before placing any orders from Atlas Disposal’s website or by calling the office to place an order. You should understand that by rendering services from Atlas Disposal, you acknowledge that you have read and have agreed to the following terms and conditions:


The parties involved within this agreement are as follows:

  1. Atlas Disposal
    The company providing the delivery and disposal services for the customer and may also be referred to as the “Company”. Atlas Disposal is a company registered in the state of Georgia with a registered office
    located at 85 Spring Place Road, Cartersville, GA 30121.
  2. Customer
    The person(s), firm, company, or individuals(s) representing a firm or company, that is receiving services by Atlas Disposal.


All services provided by Atlas Disposal are subject to the terms and conditions stated in this agreement. Atlas Disposal reserves the right to update and/or amend the terms and conditions from time to time without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to stay up to date with this agreement.

    1. How the contact is formed between Atlas Disposal and the customer1.1After placing an order, you will receive an online notification from Atlas Disposal acknowledging that we have received your order. Please note that this does not mean that your order has been accepted. Your order constitutes an offer to Atlas Disposal to buy a Product or Service. All orders are subject to acceptance by Atlas Disposal. The contract between Atlas will only be formed when you receive the Products and/or Services (as applicable).1.2 In the case of Products, the Contract will relate only to those Products which you, the customer, will receive. A Contract for any other Products which may have been part of your order will be formed when you receive those other Products.1.3 In the case of Services, these will be governed by the relevant terms and conditions applicable to the particular service, which will be available on the site to which the service relates. The customer must check these terms and conditions before proceeding with the order.
    2. Acknowledgment of Product costs

      A 16yd container is $375 for a 14 day rental & holds a maximum weight of 2 tons.

      A 20yd container is $415 for a 7 day rental & holds a maximum weight of 3 tons.

      A 30yd container is $485 for a 7 day rental & holds a maximum weight of 4 tons.

      Standard over tonnage is $63/ton over the allotted tons for each container. Over tonnage rates may vary according to the job and location.

      (The prices above are the regular pricing and rental period for our containers. When promotions are offered, pricing, tonnage limits, rates, and rental periods may vary. If you are not sure about the current promotional details, feel free to call our office at 678-762-1088 or e-mail hailey@atlas-disposal.com for any questions.)

    3. RatesAtlas Disposal determines the rates for their services. Rates are determined based upon the distance of pickup, delivery locations, transfer station disposal costs and the weight of the container after it has been picked up. Atlas Disposal reserves the right to update and/or amend the standard and discount price sheets from time to time without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to stay up to date with the current delivery and haul rates. All initial quotes for deliveries provided to customers are not final as future charges may incur after an order has been placed due to various factors. In the event that any further charges were to incur, it is the responsibility of the customer to financially compensate for these charges in order to ensure the proper delivery of the goods on time.
    4. Service Fees That May Apply4.1 Additional rental time beyond the initial rental period is available at $10 per day. This must be discussed with the office of Atlas Disposal to ensure the container is available for an extended rental. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Atlas Disposal of the decision to keep the container for an extended period of time prior to the completion of their rental period. If no contact is made, Atlas Disposal will automatically send one of its drivers out to retrieve the container on the final day. If the customer waits until the driver has arrived on site or is already in route to retrieve the container on the final pick-up date, a $150 fee will be charged to the customer’s credit card to cover the travel expenses and equipment costs for the driver on the day of retrieval. To avoid this service charge, it is mandatory that the customer make contact with the Atlas Disposal office prior to the last rental day.4.2 If the customer chooses to cancel their service once the driver is already in route to deliver the container, then the customer is acknowledging the authorization of Atlas Disposal running $150 trip charge on their credit card to cover the travel and operating expenses of the driver.4.3 If the driver arrives at the service address and is unable to remove the container because the container is too heavy or overloaded to haul, vehicles or other items are blocking the container, the container was relocated to an inaccessible location, or environmental conditions have prevented the retrieval of the container, then the customer authorizes Atlas Disposal to run a $150 trip charge on their credit card of record.

      4.4 If the customer needs the container relocated to a different area on the property or a completely different lot of land, the customer authorizes that Atlas Disposal will charge $100 relocation fee to their credit card of record to cover the travel expenses and equipment costs of the driver on the day of relocation.

    5. Product Placement5.1 For safety reasons, all drivers are instructed to keep containers on gravel or pavement to prevent trucks from getting stuck and to avoid yard damage from potential rain conditions.5.2 Atlas Disposal shall not be held liable for any claims of damage to Customer’s property such as pavement, driveway, lawn, etc. resulting from the roll-off container or company truck. Surface scratching is likely to occur from the metal wheels of the container. Atlas Disposal recommends that the customer place small pieces of plywood or cardboard out for the driver if they are concerned about surface scratches forming on the pavement.5.3 In extremely rare cases, the weight of the dumpster and truck combinations has caused
      driveways to partially collapse or crumble. Atlas Disposal is not responsible for the Customer’s underlying driveway condition. By inviting Atlas Disposal onto your property you, the Customer, is affirming that their driveway is stout enough to hold the weight.


      5.4 The customer must assure a minimum of 13’ overhead clearance for all power, phone, cable and other lines. The driver will not be able to place the container otherwise.

      5.5 Drivers always have the right to turn down the delivery of a container if he/she does not feel confident that the area requested is safe for placement. Drivers are eager to please and will work with the customer to find a safe location that accommodates both the customer and the driver.

      5.6 It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain any necessary permits that may be required for the delivery or placement of a container. If the correct permit was no obtained and the municipality mandates removal or relocation of the container, the customer authorizes Atlas Disposal to charge the customer a relocation fee of $150 to the customer’s credit card of record.

    6. Container Contents/Debris

      6.1 No hazardous waste, chemical products, radioactive materials, paints, aerosol cans, propane tanks, motor oils, tires, asbestos, railroad ties, mattresses or food waste are allowed in the container under any circumstances. If any of these items are in the dumpster, the dumpster will be left until the item(s) are removed, and a trip charge will ensue. If any of these items are in the container upon disposing of the contents, extra charges will apply accordingly.

      6.2 Dirt and cured concrete are restricted to 16 yard containers and have to be clean. Dirt and concrete cannot be mixed together in the same container with any other debris and need to be filled ¾ of the way or less in order to prevent the container from being too heavy to haul.


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