30YD Dumpster, Per Haul, 5 Tons Included In Price, 3-Day Rental


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Customers always ask for suggestions on what size dumpster to order. Sometimes you can measure but most times you have to estimate. Using a pick-up truck with an 8’ bed as a guideline, the bed is 2 cubic yards filled level to the top. Therefore, a 30 yard container will save you 15 trips to the landfill.

Currently, 30 yard roll-off rental period is three (3) calendar days due to high demand.

Do Not Return/ Final / Removal work order is automatically placed 3 days from date of delivery.

$195 Deadhead fee will be charged to your credit card if the dumpster is not free and clear of obstacles for a Swap out or Removal.

**Haul price includes 5 tons.  Loads weighing greater than 5 tons will be assessed an additional $55 per ton over 5.**

Dimensions: 22.0′ x 8.0′ x 6.0′


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